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Jira is a very popular tool for Agile software management and defect management tasks. In this course, students will learn how to work with an Agile team using Jira software and track and manage project progress. 

Course Content

Introduction to Jira

  • Introduction to Jira

    • What is Jira?

    • Key features and benefits

    • Jira editions and pricing

  •  Setting Up Your Jira Environment

    • Installation and configuration

    • Understanding user roles and permissions

  • Navigating Jira

    • Dashboard overview

    • Understanding the Jira interface

    • Personalizing your dashboard

  • Creating and Managing Projects

    • Creating your first project

    • Configuring project settings

    • Project templates

  • Creating and Managing Issues

    • Issue types and schemes

    • Creating issues

    • Issue search and filtering

Issue Management

  •  Issue Workflow and Lifecycle

    • Customizing workflows

    • Transitions, statuses, and resolutions

    • Workflow best practices

  • Prioritizing and Organizing Issues

    • Issue ranking and prioritization

    • Agile boards (Kanban and Scrum)

    • Backlog management

  • Advanced Issue Attributes

    • Components and versions

    • Labels and epics

    • Custom fields and configurations

Agile Project Management with Jira

  •  Introduction to Agile Methodologies

    • Scrum, Kanban, and other agile frameworks

    • Agile project management concepts

  • Creating and Managing Agile Boards

    • Scrum and Kanban boards

    • Board settings and configurations

    • Sprint and backlog planning

  • Managing Agile Teams

    • Team roles and responsibilities

    • Velocity tracking and reporting

    • Burn down charts and sprint reviews

Advanced Jira Features

  • Customizing Jira with Workflows

    • Workflow customization

    • Conditional and post functions

    • Workflow best practices

  • Automation in Jira

    • Jira automation rules

    • Examples of automation

    • Custom automation rules

  • Reporting and Dashboards

    • Creating custom reports

    • Jira dashboard customization

    • Integrating Jira with third-party reporting tools

Jira Administration

  • User Management and Permissions

    • Managing users and groups

    • Setting project permissions

    • Global permissions and security

  • Data Backup and Restoration

    • Backup strategies and best practices

    • Restoring Jira data

    • Disaster recovery planning

  • Performance and Scalability

    • Scaling Jira for large organizations

    • Performance optimization tips

    • Monitoring and troubleshooting


Jira Integrations and Best Practices

  • Integrating Jira with Other Tools

    • Jira integrations with popular software

    • Automation using APIs

    • Building custom integrations

  • Jira Best Practices

    • Best practices for issue management

    • Agile project management tips

    • Workflow and automation best practices

  •  Final Project and Certification

    • Hands-on project: Implement a Jira solution

    • Course recap and Q&A

    • Course completion and certification

Staffing Support​
  • Resume Preparation

  • Mock Interview Preparation

  • Phone Interview Preparation

  • Face to Face Interview Preparation

  • Project/Technology Preparation

  • Internship with internal project work

  • Externship with client project work

Our Salient Features:
  • Hands-on Labs and Homework

  • Group discussion and Case Study

  • Course Project work

  • Regular Quiz / Exam

  • Regular support beyond the classroom

  • Students can re-take the class at no cost

  • Dedicated conf. rooms for group project work

  • Live streaming for the remote students

  • Video recording capability to catch up the missed class

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