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Company Strengths
  • We believe our customers define our success

  • ​10+ years of excellent proven track record with our clients 

  • Our leaders are strategic and visionary and bring 20+ years of Industry experience

  • Our leadership team brings a strong management and technical expertise

  • We strive to deliver the best quality services and products to our clients

  • We offer a complete value chain: Training, Staffing, Services and Solutions

  • Our experts possess knowledge of Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Insurance, IT, Telecom, GPS Industries.

Staffing & Services
  • We find the right candidates for the right jobs —we will not burden clients with excess resumes to see what sticks

  • When local, ITEXPS meets every client and every potential candidate face-to-face

  • Candidates screened for personality, availability, aptitude, etc., with licenses and references checked prior to submittal

  • ITEXPS staff comprised solely of industry-experienced professionals, as opposed to call volume recruits

  • Our distinct service offerings and offshore capabilities


We provide customize trainings to our students

  • We provide flexible class schedules
  • We focus on hands on labs and project work
  • We support certification prep work
  • We provide Internship opportunity for  OPT/CPT and other students
  • Our staff focus on building good customer relationships

  • We provide career guidance and job assistance (resume preparation, interview preparation)

  • Smaller class sizes provide the opportunity for personal attention

  • Great facility to support accelerate learning 

  • Friendly staff to provide unique educational experience

  • 500+ students with many success stories

  • IDES - Registered Employer

  • WIOA/ITA/GI Bill® /MyCAA approved Training provider: Database (Hadoop), Management, System Analyst, Quality Assurance, E-Commerce 

  • We are approved to operate by the Private Business and Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

We support our Veterans                                                     


I attended ITEXPS, the course was excellent for someone like me (with no prior hands on experience in IT).  Thanks for all your great work and your dedication to sharing / teaching me. Hats off to ITEXPS! Experienced teaching group from IT background and great reputation allowed me and our class for fruitful interactions. I am working in the field I always wanted to due to the training from ITEXPS.I strongly recommend anyone interested to obtain a IT job, to take the important step to join IT Expert System and make your vision and dream come true.

Tetiana Lavronovych

State Approvals
Job Assistance Program 
Employee Empower Corporate Training


MyCAA Approved

GI Bill®

GI Bill®