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How to Apply for Army Credentialing Opportunities Online? 


Army COOL (Army Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) Program, which offers up to $4,000 in credentialing aid for approved training programs.

The Army Credentialing Assistance Program was launched by the Department of Defense in 2019 in an effort to aid service personnel in developing their abilities. The Army COOL Program enables soldiers to complete credentialing programs, such as IT training, to further their service careers and aid in their transition into civilian life by providing financial assistance.

Who is Eligible for Army Credentialing Assistance?

In order for soldiers to earn education credits to either improve their current skills or acquire new skills in a profession they want to pursue after serving in the military, credentialing Assistance (CA) provides financial assistance for classroom and online training, manuals, study guides, books, testing fees, and other fees related to continuing education.


Only Army service members, such as: are eligible for the Army Credentialing Assistance Program.

  • Active-duty Army soldiers

  • Army National Guard soldiers

  • United States Army Reserve soldiers


As a self-development program, Credentialing Assistance does not need qualifications to be in line with the soldier's MOS. It is accessible to all Army ranks, including:

  • Warrant Officers

  • Commissioned Officers

  • Enlisted Soldiers

Benefits of IT Credentialing for Army Soldiers.

Army personnel would do well in a IT career because of the flexible hours and high earning potential.It can give military personnel a fantastic chance to move back to civilian life and give National Guard and Army Reserve members the ability to pursue a part- or full-time employment while they are serving.


Our affordable and thorough courses are the ideal place to begin if you want to start a new profession as a IT profession .You will acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to become an authority in the subject of IT from our staff of knowledgeable educators.

Training Programs: 

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Why Choose IT Expert System  School for IT Training?

Through the Army COOL Program, IT Expert System Inc., an authorized Army Credentialing Assistance school, provides IT  training to qualified personnel. What you get at IT Expert System Inc. School is:

  • Award-winning instructors, with over 125 years combined experience

  • Gold-standard customer support, 7 days per week

  • Lifetime Report Writing Software Access Included

  • Career-long coaching and mentoring

  • Lifetime course access

  • Certificates of completion mailed to you

  • No extra charged for mold and radon IT training

  • E-books and reference material


Leading provider of training for IT professionals is IT Expert System Inc..Our state-approved courses provide you with the most recent knowledge, enabling you to start your career with all the necessary abilities.We have skilled lecturers that are specialists in IT and working professionals.

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How Do I Get Started?

All applications must be submitted through Army Ignited. Here are the steps for applying: 

  1. Complete the contact form below to receive a PDF Invoice from

  2. Visit the IgnitED website at and register

  3. Select the credential path you wish to pursue Certified Instructor.

  4. Request Credential Assistance funding

  5. Select IT Expert System Inc. as the vendor

  6. Select the course you wish to take Online or in-person Class

  7. You will be notified by our support team when your request is approved


Feel free to contact IT Expert System Inc. with any questions at 847-350-9034. One of our expert representatives will be in touch to help you through the process and provide more information about our IT training.

Call us at 847 350 9034 and setup an appointment for ARMY COOL

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