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Internship can be a fantastic way to get some real-world experience before heading off to job market. IT Expert Internship Program offers highly motivated individuals an opportunity to be exposed to the real-time working challenges. This program also allows individuals to bring new perspectives and innovative ideas while improving skills in a diverse environment.

IT Expert Internship Overall Process

A) Fill-up the Internship form

B) IT Experts review the documents and find a placement

C) Contact the Participant to know more about their internship and expectations

D) Participant Pays the Internship Fees - online 

E)  Participant can start either online or in person or hybrid Internship

F)  Internship requires 24 hrs / week and 3 months time

G) At completion, Experience certificates + rewards - upon successful project completion.


Complete Internship Overview: 

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Project groups are formed based on students academic success, career interest and core skills. 

Internship Opportunities:
  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Office Admin

  • Business Development Manager 

  • Quality Analyst 

  • Network Admin/IT Help Desk

  • Cloud Engineer/DevOps Engineer 

  • Web Developer

  • Data Analyst


  • Build your confidence

  • Learn new skills, tools, and technology

  • Gain real project experience while working with experts

  • Learn project skills: Project Planning, Business Analysis, Design, Development, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Presentation, Marketing, Communication, Negotiation, Programming, Web Development, Networking, Strategy Development and More.

  • Build a professional network while working with clients /staff

  • Attract new Job opportunities

  • Earn money while learning

  • Be part of IT Expert family

  • Six months of Internship program may change your professional outlook



  • The trainee will work with a mentor, who will provide on the job training and mentorship

  • The trainee will have to come to office in person for 24 hours a week

  • The working hours will be from  9 to 5 with 1 hour of lunch break

  • The trainee will be entitled to all the National holidays and 1 day of earned leave per four weeks of work

  • There will be performance evaluation at the end of the training period based on goals and objectives set at the beginning of the training

  • Performance feedback will also be provided at regular intervals to reduce the learning curve and provide opportunities for corrective action if needed


Internship workplace: 951 N Plum Grove Rd, Suite A, Schaumburg, IL 60173 

For the additional Internship questions, please complete the form.


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Internship Form

Internship Projects Presentation  2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

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Internship Projects Presentation  August 2020

Internship Program

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