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We are dedicated to promoting academic success by providing students with in-person and distance exam proctoring services securely and professionally.


It is the mission of the IT Expert SystemTesting Services to provide high-quality testing, test scoring, and instructional assessment services that ascribe to the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines and governmental regulations that promote responsible fiscal, legal, ethical, and equitable practices within an environment of continuous quality improvement, business innovation, and technological advancement. The services provided for students, faculty, staff, campus, community, and business partners will be consistently rendered with an attitude of service that demonstrates value in human relationships, personal excellence, human dignity, diversity, and commitment to lifelong learning.


Our Proctoring centers are approved by the following Organization, we play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and security of examinations to prevent cheating or unauthorized behaviors during the exams, and we provide a safe, secure, and friendly environment. Our professional staff are ready to support our exam candidates and guide them through end-to-end processes. The facility is equipped with the latest equipment and with adequate space to provide personal space during the exam. We have waiting areas, lockers, restrooms, water fountains, and optimal parking to improve your exam experience.

Our Testing Center Features:

  • 30+ Testing Workstations with advanced equipment

  • Personal rooms for the specific exams

  • Live camera streaming + with multiple proctors

  • Lockers, waiting rooms ,  multiple exam rooms

  • 5,000+ square feet space to provide proper social distance

  • Regularly sanitize the office space as per the CDC guideline

  • Optimal parking spots

  • 15+ certified proctors

  • 21,000+ exams are conducted with 4.98 Rating (out of 5)

  • 1,000+ exams per month in each Test Center

  • Secure, Safe and Comfortable environment for the exams

  • Friendly staff ready to serve you more

  • Flexibility for the scheduling the exam

  • Open on 7 days (weekdays and weekends)

  • And more...

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