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Power BI           


Getting Started with Power BI, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the capabilities of Power BI. You'll start out with seeing how you can quickly and easily gather data from a variety of sources, and then cleanse and transform that data with just a few clicks. Next, you'll also learn how you can enhance the results by integrating disparate data sources and adding simple calculations. Then, you'll learn how to explore your data with visualizations and simple dashboards. Finally, you'll learn what steps are necessary to keep your data up-to-date. By the end of this course, you'll have a firm understanding of the basic skills required for using Power BI to acquire and transform data, enhance the data for analysis, and produce reports and dashboards.

Course Content 

1: Introduction to Power BI

  • Introduction to Power BI

  • Power BI Components (Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service)

  • Installation and setup

  • Connecting to data sources

2: Data Transformation and Modeling

  • Data import and transformation

  • Query editor

  • Data modeling concepts

  • Relationships in Power BI

  • Lab /Homework

3: Creating Basic Visualizations

  • Creating tables and matrices

  • Building bar and column charts

  • Line charts

  • Pie and donut charts

  • Labs / Homework

4: Advanced Visualizations

  • Scatter and bubble charts

  • Map visualizations

  • Cards and KPIs

  • Slicers and filters

  • Lab/Homework

5: DAX - Data Analysis Expressions

  • Introduction to DAX

  • DAX functions and formulas

  • Measures and calculated columns

  • Time intelligence functions

  • Lab/Homework


6: Power BI Desktop Advanced Features

  • Custom visuals and marketplace

  • Custom themes and layouts

  • Bookmarks and drill-through

  • Power Query Editor advanced functions

  • Lab/Homework

7: Power BI Service and Collaboration

  • Publishing reports to Power BI Service

  • Sharing and collaboration

  • Data gateways and data refresh

  • Power BI Mobile

  • Lab/Homework

8: Advanced Topics and Real-world Projects

  • Row-level security

  • API integration

  • Power BI Embedded

  • Real-world projects and case studies

Assessments and Projects:

  • Weekly quizzes or assignments

  • Participants will work on a comprehensive Power BI project throughout the course. The project will involve connecting to real-world data, performing data transformations, creating advanced visualizations, and sharing the report on Power BI Service.

Staffing Support​
  • Resume Preparation

  • Mock Interview Preparation

  • Phone Interview Preparation

  • Face to Face Interview Preparation

  • Project/Technology Preparation

  • Internship with internal project work

  • Externship with client project work

Our Salient Features:
  • Hands-on Labs and Homework

  • Group discussion and Case Study

  • Course Project work

  • Regular Quiz / Exam

  • Regular support beyond the classroom

  • Students can re-take the class at no cost

  • Dedicated conf. rooms for group project work

  • Live streaming for the remote students

  • Video recording capability to catch up the missed class

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