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ITExps offers you the best  contractor,contract to hire and  direct placement job opportunities. We do care about your time and preferences.

Our profesional recruiting team members are here to help you and make ensures our services meet your needs.

How do we do placement?

  • Make and appointment with us​:

Meet  our recruitments in person. Let them know your skills and preferences. Bring your resume if you already have or they will help you in preparing a professional resume based on your skills.

  • We search opportunities:

With the grate IT network, we will bring you multiple job options and present you with them.

  • Interview preparation:

We are here to prepare you for the interview and even for phone screening.

  • First days at work:

Congratulation, You get the job. but  our work isn't done after we place you. You will have our support for first days at job.

  • Future Opportunity:

Any time in future you want to change your job, our team will start seeking new positions for you before your current contract will be over.

Contact ITEXPS for more information

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