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Access Module

Microsoft Access is a Desktop database technology that combines powerful features of relational database along with easy to use interface to create Desktop Database application quickly. Using this database, users can create small to medium size desktop applications and deploy and maintain the same.

Course Content
  • Getting Started

    • Database Concepts 

    • Overview of Access database 

    • Setup access on your computer 

    • Explore the user interface 

  • Create a sample database 

    • Create a simple database 

    • Create table 

    • Add / Update data 

    • View data 

    • Formatting table contents 

  • Working with tables 

    • Manage relationships  

    • Creating Primary Keys 

    • Setting up Referential integrity with foreign keys 

    • Record navigations 

  • Queries  

    • Creating Queries using Query interface  

    • Creating Parameter Queries 

    • Creating group queries 

    • Creating join queries 

    • Sorting data 

    • Formatting Query fields 

  • Creating Forms for Data Entry 

    • Creating a form 

    • Data validation 

    • Saving, updating and deleting forms 

    • Working with Form Controls 

    • Setting form control properties 

    • Managing Labels 

  • Creating Reports 

    • Creating and modifying reports 

    • Creating reports with application parts 

    • Deleting Reports 

    • Using Report Controls – Grouping, Filtering, Sorting data 

    • Using sub forms and other form controls 

    • Formatting Reports – Creating Multi Column reports, using calculated fields, setting margins, background and orientation 

    • Formatting Reports – Setting Page breaks and Page numbers, applying themes

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