ASP.NET MVC       E-Commerce

This course is designed for students, who want to learn Web Development using C# or .NET frame work. ASP.NET MVC 5 training class teaches attendees all the skills necessary for designing and building an effective ASP.NET MVC 5 application. 

Students will go through many hands on labs to understand the core concept, Model, View and Controller, Micro Service Architecture and Development using .NET core will prepare students for the cloud development. At the end of the course, students will go through a project work, which will prepare students for the real job.

Course Content
  • Introduction

    • Overview and use cases of MVC architectural style

    • Overview and history of Microsoft ASP.NET platform

    • Key differences between Web Forms and MVC

    • Setting up environment

    • Lab

  • ASP.NET MVC Architecture

    • MVC Design Pattern

    • Key components and their responsibilities

    • Separation of concerns

    • Advantages of MVC based design & challenges

    • Getting up and running quickly

    • Lifecycle of ASP.NET MVC 5 Application

    • Extensibility

    • Lab 


  • Routing and URL patterns

    • Introduction to Routing

    • Configuring Routes

    • Route Constraints

    • Ignoring Routes

    • Lab


  • Controllers and Actions

    • Introduction to Controllers and Actions

    • Understanding Controller class Hierarchy

    • Defining Actions

    • Action Selectors and Filters

    • ActionResult

    • Asynchronous Action Methods

    • Lab


  • Views

    • Introduction to Views

    • UI, Layout and Themes in MVC Application

    • Razor Syntax

    • Mapping Dynamic Page elements to JavaScript

    • Dynamic and Strongly typed Views

    • Using ViewModel Object

    • Using ViewBag

    • View Engines

    • Partial Views and Child Actions

    • Bootstrap framework and Responsive design

    • Lab

  • Models

    • Introduction to Models

    • Object relational Mapping

    • Understanding Repository Pattern

    • EF Database First with ASP.NET MVC

    • Microsoft Entity Framework 6

    • Creating Data Model

    • Implementing CRUD

    • Sorting, Filtering and Pagination

    • Creating Complex Data Models

    • Async and Stored Procedures

    • Handling Transactions and Concurrency

    • Lab

  • HTML Helpers

    • Basic Helpers

    • Creating Custom Helpers

    • Declarative Helpers

    • Lab

  • Data Validations

    • Client Side Validations

    • Validation Attributes

    • ModelState

    • Remote Validation

    • Lab

  • Security, Authentication and Authorization

    • Integrating MVC Application with Microsoft AD

    • Creating OAuth2 Single Sign On

    • Two Factor Authentication

    • XSRF/CSRF prevention in MVC

    • Preventing Open redirection attacks

    • Lab

  • Client-side frameworks

    • AJAX

    • AJAX Control Toolkit

    • jQuery

    • AJAX Helpers

    • Using jQuery UI

    • Lab

  • Using Web API 2

    • Introduction to Web API

    • Getting Started

    • Action Results in Web API 2

    • Routing and Action Selection in Web API 2

    • Attribute Routing

    • REST API

    • CORS configuration

    • Working with Data in Web API 2

    • Serializing and Model Binding in Web API 2

    • Lab

  • Extending ASP.NET MVC

    • Customizing Pipeline

    • Customizing Routes

    • Designing Global Filters

    • Using MVC Code templates

    • Custom Controllers

    • Lab

  • Deploying Apps

    • Configuring run time environment

    • Build, package and deploy application

    • Run, test and debug

    • Lab

  • Closing

    • Best Practices developing MVC Web Applications

    • Performance considerations

    • Scalability

    • Cloud deployments

  • ASP.NET Core

    • Overview

    • Use cases

    • Micro services architecture

    • Dependency injection

    • Docker deployment

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