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Time: 24 hours




Prior Project Management Education or Experience is prefered.


Course overview:


 This course is structured around a series of activities in which you gain practical modeling experience. In the context of a real-world case study, you apply best practices in business requirement gathering, documention and stakeholder management to help you fulfill your crucial role as a business analyst.



Course Content

Introduction to business analysis
• The rationale for business analysis
• The development of business analysis
• The scope of business analysis
• The responsibilities of a business analyst


Competencies of the business analyst
• The Business Analysis Maturity Model
• The competencies of a business analyst


Business strategy analysis
• The strategic context
• Strategic analysis techniques
• SWOT analysis
• Implementing strategy


The Business Analysis Process Model
• The lifecycle for business analysis
• Creative problem-solving approach
• Stages of the process model
• Deliverables and techniques for each stage


Investigation techniques
• Interviewing and workshops
• Observation approaches
• Scenarios and prototyping
• Quantitative investigation techniques
• Documenting the business situation


Stakeholder analysis and management
• Categorising stakeholders
• Analysing stakeholders
• Stakeholder management


Modelling the business system
• Soft systems methodology
• Documenting business situations
• Business perspectives
• Business activity models
• Business events and business rules
• Performance measures
• Gap analysis

Modelling business processes
• Organisational view of processes
• Value chain and value propositions
• Business process modelling techniques
• Improving business processes

Gathering the requirements
• Requirements engineering framework
• Actors in requirements engineering
• Requirements elicitation
• Requirements analysis
• Requirements validation


Documenting and managing requirements
• The requirements document
• The requirements catalogue
• Types of requirement
• Managing requirements

Modelling requirements
• Modelling functionality
• Modelling data
Delivering the requirements
• Delivering the solution
• Delivery lifecycles – waterfall, V model, incremental, iterative

Making a business and financial case
• The business case in the project lifecycle
• Identifying options
• Assessing feasibility
• Structure of a business case
• Investment appraisal techniques
• Realising the benefits

Implementing business change
• The change management process
• The emotional impact of change



Who should go for this course?


Anyone who needs a practical foundation in business techniques as well as business analysts who need to gather requirements and create comprehensive models.



Special notes:

  Additional Theory + Labs


  • Additional HBR - case studies:





  For more info contact ITEXPS



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