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Time:  50 Hours




Knowledge of Computer programming is preferred 


Course overview:


This module presents the concepts that are central to the Microsoft .NET Framework and platform, and the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment (IDE); describes how to work in the development environment; and explains how to use Visual Studio .NET to create and build applications based on Microsoft .NET.



Course Content:


Module 1: Getting Started 
•    Introduction to .NET and the .NET Framework 
•    Exploring Visual Studio .NET 
•    Creating a Windows Application Project


Module 2: Understanding C# Language Fundamentals 
•    Understanding the Fundamentals of a C# Program 
•    Using C# Predefined Types 
•    Writing Expressions 
•    Creating Conditional Statements 
•    Creating Iteration Statements
Lab : Writing a Savings Account Calculator 
•    Write a Savings Calculator 
•    Extending the Savings Calculator


Module 3: Creating Objects in C# 
•    Defining a Class 
•    Declaring Methods 
•    Using Constructors 
•    Using Static Class Members
Lab : Creating Classes in C# 
•    Creating the Bank Account Objects


Module 4: Implementing Object-Oriented Programming Techniques in C# 
•    Designing Objects 
•    Using Inheritance 
•    Using Polymorphism
Lab : Creating Classes in C# 
•    Creating the Bank Account Objects


Module 5: Programming with C# 
•    Using Arrays 
•    Using Collections 
•    Using Interfaces 
•    Using Exception Handling 
•    Using Delegates and Events
Lab : Using Arrays 
•    Sorting Numbers in an Array
Lab : Using Indexers and Interfaces 
•    Writing the Check Pick-up Application 
•    Using Interfaces
Lab : Using Delegates and Events 
•    Working with Events and Delegates


Module 6: Building .NET-based Applications with C# 
•    Examining the .NET Framework Class Library 
•    Overriding Methods from System.Object 
•    Formatting Strings and Numbers 
•    Using Streams and Files
Lab : Using Streams 
•    Converting a Binary File to a Text File


Module 7: Using ADO.NET to Access Data 
•    ADO.NET Architecture 
•    Creating an Application That Uses ADO.NET to Access Data 
•    Changing Database Records


Lab : Creating a Data Access Application with ADO.NET 
•    Creating a Simple Database Table Viewer 
•    Writing a Simple Database Table Viewer 
•    (If time permits): Creating a Simple Database Table Viewer


Lab : Creating a Windows Application That Uses ADO.NET 
•    Creating a Windows Application That Uses ADO.NET 
•    (If time permits): Writing an ADO.NET Application with Windows For


Who should go for this course?


This course is designed for professionals aspiring to become C# Developers. Programmers, Web Developers, Web Designers, Programming Hobbyists, Database Administrators, Youngsters who want to kick start their career are the key beneficiaries of this course.


Special notes:


  • Exam simulation + Quizzes will be provided



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C# Programming

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