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Cisco Switches and Routers Module 

 System Engineering

Course Overview

CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum is a gateway to entry-level networking jobs and IT careers. The curriculum consists : Introduction to Networks, Routing and Switching Essentials, Scaling Networks, and Connecting Networks. The curriculum builds the skills that you need to get hired and succeed in jobs related to networking computers, devices, and things. Whether you’re preparing for your first job or specializing with more study, CCNA is a great foundation.

Course Content   
  • Introduction to Networks

    • Exploring the Network

    • Configuring a Network Operating System

    • Network Protocols and Communications

    • Network Access

    • Ethernet

    • Network, Application and Transport Layer

    • IP Addressing

    • Subnetting IP Networks

    • It's a Network

  • Scaling Networks

    • Growing the Network

    • LAN Redundancy

    • Link Aggregation

    • Wireless

    • Adjust and Troubleshoot Single-Area OSPF

    • Multiarea OSPF

    • EIGRP

    • Adjust and Troubleshoot EIGRP

    • iOS File Management

  • Routing and Switching Essentials

    • Introduction to Switched Networks

    • Basic Switching Configuration

    • VLANs

    • Routing Concepts

    • Inter-VLAN and Static Routing

    • Routing Dynamically

    • Single-Area OSPF

    • Access Control Lists

    • DHCP

    • Network Address Translation for IPV4

  • Connecting Networks

    • Connecting to the WAN

    • Configuring Serial Connections

    • Broadband Solutions

    • Securing Site-to-Site Connectivity

    • Monitoring and Troubleshooting the Network

    • Network Architectures

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