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Cloud computing is a new model of IT service delivery. Processing, storage, networking and applications are accessed as services over networks.


Organizations consume IT as a service and only pay for the resources they use. For organizations looking to transform the way they provide IT services to their users, the cloud presents numerous options for them to be more responsive, effective and efficient. 

Cloud computing is highly in demand due to its flexibility. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. When moving from an in-house to a cloud based model, the total solution can be reduced by up to 40%. Initially it may be more effective for your organization to keep certain services on-site. By looking at your business strategy and measuring potential ROI, ITEXPS can recommend the best options for your transition to the cloud. Cloud computing also plays a key role in delivering shared services, as systems are linked together to provide an efficient IT platform.


ITEXPS offers you resilient cloud services; empowering you with a platform for growth and innovation. From remote management of on-premises applications, through to complete IT and business process outsourcing, our approach allows you to retain as much, or as little, control of your infrastructure as you need.















Our Cloud Services include:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivers software over a browser. SaaS isolates the need to install and run applications on the client's local servers and provides support, upgrades and simplifies maintenance. Application delivery is typically closer to a one-to-many mode than to a one-to-one model. ITEXPS’s cloud services offer applications over the internet for usage and refrains from restricting our applications to a platform. Whether you need to move your existing products and services to the SaaS model, or to conceptualize your brand new big idea in the cloud, we will provide a full range of services—from mapping your business processes and providing cost analysis through architecture, development and testing to hosting and managing your cloud deployments. 

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) refers to an environment for software development, storage and hosting delivered as-a-service over the Internet. It facilitates the development and deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying, managing and configuring the underlying hardware, middleware and software layers. This is a variant of SaaS. You run your own applications but you do it on ITEXPS’s infrastructure. PaaS provides a model under which the infrastructure comes along with a programming language. This allows developers to develop apps without worrying about the infrastructural problems. You can rely on ITEXPS for the full range of tools, complemented by our cloud program to give you precisely the level of support you need.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivers a scalable framework, ideally a virtualization environment, as-a-service. Rather than incurring huge costs in acquiring & configuring servers, storage and network infrastructure, client can utilize these resources as a fully outsourced service. ITEXPS allows you to acquire virtual servers and storage under a metered model. This means you can hire the services of IaaS for a period of your requirement. The service is typically billed on a utility computing basis and the amount of resources consumed (and therefore the cost) will typically reflect the level of activity.

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