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Time:  80 Hours




Student should have basic understanding of Computer System.


Course overview:


Ecommerce training will help to create new career growth opportunities for job seekers to learn how to build a website for eCommerce and sell product/service online. In this course, will cover both core and advanced Java concepts like Database connectivity, various Java frameworks like Hibernate and spring and build a production quality web sites using OLAP and OLTP technology.


Course Content:


Software Architecture

  • Object Oriented Concepts

  • UML (Unified Modeling Language), Visio

  • Design patterns: Front Controller, Façade, Factory Pattern, Command Pattern

  • MVC , MVM Framework

  • OLAP vs OLTP Application Architecture


Software Development

  • Java /C# Programming [JCP/MCP]

  • Database Connectivity JDBC/ADO.NET

  • HTML5 /Angular JS/ NodeJS

  • Mobile Web Application Development

  • Messaging (JMS/MSMQ) , Apache Camel

  • Java/JPA/JTA (Hibernate)

  • Web Services (SOAP/REST)

  • Web Development:  Spring/Struts framework

  • Micro Service Architecture (12 Factor App)

  • PaaS - Platform As a Service (Cloud Foundry)

  • Hadoop + Map Reduce



  • Graph database (Neo4J) ,

  • MongoDB (No-SQL)


Software Integration

  • Jenkins – CI/CD automation


Application Servers:

  • IIS/Apache/Tomcat/JBOSS/Weblogic/Websphere


Project Management - Introduction

  • Agile Scrum Project


Theory topics are complimented by hands on LAB




 Special notes:


  • On-site training is also available for customers who prefer to bring a ITEXPS Instructor to their own facilities. For additional information about on-site classes, including facility requirements, contact ITEXPS



Theory, Labs, and Reference Materials:

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