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Excel Module



Microsoft Excel is a Desktop based electronic spreadsheet program for storing, manipulating and organizing data with easy to use interface. Excel is ideal for entering, calculating and analyzing company data such as sales figures, sales taxes or commissions. It can be used with any type of office data to quickly organize and gain insight. Excel can perform formula-based calculations and many other mathematical functions.

Course Content
  • Getting Started

    • Spreadsheet Concepts 

    • Overview of Microsoft Excel 

    • Setup Excel on your computer 

    • Explore the user interface 

  • Managing Worksheets and Workbooks 

    • Create a blank workbook 

    • Creating Workbooks from templates 

    • Entering data in Worksheets 

    • Adding Worksheets to Workbook 

    • Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

      (Save, save in different formats, Open, Delete) 

  • Formatting

    • Formatting Columns, Cells and Rows  

    • Applying Colors 

    • Manipulating Rows, Columns and Cells     (Insert, Update, Delete) 

    • Page setup for printing 

    • Adjusting Margins, Rows & Column heights 

    • Customizing Views (Hiding and Displaying Rows and Columns) 

    • Managing Headers and Footers 

    • Merge and Split Cells 

    • Highlight tables 

  • Data Manipulation 

    • Creating Tables 

    • Managing data tables (Create, Modify, Filter, Sort) 

    • Looking up data in tables 

    • Search for Data 

    • Cell Ranges 

    • Sorting the Data 

    • Filtering data 

    • Grouping the data 

  • Formulas and Functions 

    • Using inbuilt functions 

    • Using Cell ranges with functions 

    • Summarizing data with functions (SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT) 

    • Conditional logic 

    • Applying formulas to cell ranges 

    • Copying formulas to new cells  

    • Using Date functions 

    • Using Text function


  • Charts and Objects 

    • Creating charts and Graphs 

    • Configuring Charts and Graphs (Series, Data Ranges, Grouping) 

    • Formatting Charts - Adding Legends, Resizing, Modifying parameters, Layouts and styles 

    • Creating Formatting objects – Inserting Control objects like 

      • Text Boxes 

      • Smart Arts 

      • Images 

      • Borders 

    • Formatting objects – Object Positions, Colors, backgrounds, changing properties 

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