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ITEXPS Partner Network (IPN) is a partner program that helps business and individual to collaborate with us and build strong partner network to expand your business, train your employees, engage customers, and earn more money with your potential business leads.

Why Become an IPN Partner?

We believe in total strength, better together.

  • Business Partners and their employees receive a special training discount

  • Joint collaboration, leveraging our talent and resources to promote and grow your business

  • We provide Training, Staffing and Services, you can take advantage of and up sell to your network

  • We can connect you with our existing partners

Join the IPN and take full advantage of this program to differentiate your business

By IPN Program you can be partner with ITEXPS in following categories :

  • Training Partner

ITEXPS provides training in various IT fields with classroom training and exam test preparation for certifications from leading technology vendors which can open doors to new job opportunities. Our professional instructors are ready to lead or customize IT courses for your staff or students.

For more information about our training courses contact ITEXPS

  • Staffing Partner

Finding top-level talent in a candidate market is a full-time job, daunting task.  Most growing companies have much higher technical demands for talent than can be quickly supplied. So why should you and ITEXPS both spend your time in same task? We can share our job openings, IT staffing solutions, and our qualified job candidates.

 Contact Us to get more details about our IT staffing solutions.

  • Services Partner

Service partners can take on tasks that you cannot handle efficiently with your own staff. You may not have the staff to carry out certain jobs efficiently or professionally, or you may prefer to use your staff to concentrate on other important tasks.  If you have a complex information technology system, you can outsource management and maintenance of the system to ITEXPS.

Let us know about your services you want to share with us. In this way we can provide services for each other with lower costs. Contact Us for more details about our services.

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