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Selenium Test Automation Training (QA)

Time:  ~24 Hours




Basic computer experience + programming skill.


Course overview:


This course is designed for QA students who want to learn software automated testing, or want to upgrade their skills and find automation testing job.  QA engineers, Test leads/managers can get the maximum benefits by attending this course.


Course Content:


 Introduction to Java Programming:

  • Setting Development Environment - Eclipse

  • Walk through of Java concepts

  • Hello World!

  • Introduction to Java Data Types

  • Taking Input from End User

  • Numerical Data Type and Numerical Operators

  • Boolean Data Type and Operators

  • Conditional Statements [IF], and Loop [While]

  • Conditional Statement[SWITCH]

  • Loop [FOR]

  • String Data type and functions

  • Command Line Parameters


Java Object Oriented + I/O concepts:

  • Arrays

  • Hash Tables/ Map Object

  • Regular Expression

  • File Handling

  • Java OOPs Concept

  • Concept of Classes and Objects in Java

  • Concept of Packages in Java

  • Exception Handling

  • Debugging in Java

  • Java Collection APIs: List, Map, ArrayList, HashMap, HashSet, TreeSet


Selenium with Eclipse IDE:

  • Introduction of Selenium

  • Selenium Components

  • First Record and Replay of Scenario in Selenium IDE

  • Introduction of Web Technologies – HTML, XML, XPath, CSS and DOM

  • Locators in Selenium

  • Introduction of Selenese Command Types

  • Selenium Action Commands

  • Verification and Assertion Commands

  • Store and StoreEval – Accessor Commands

  • Creation of Test Suite

  • Debugging IDE Script

  • More on Selenium IDE


Overview of WebDriver:

  • Introduction to browser specific drivers

  • Setup WebDriver package on system for eclipse

  • Set up firebug for Firefox

  • Exporting pre-recorded test scenario in IDE to WebDriver, and executing it.

  • Webdriver class files, and their methods

  • Automating different HTML Elements text fields, buttons, links, check box, drop-down etc

  • Verifications and Assertions

  • Parameterization

  • Synchronization

  • Desired Capabilities and IDE 

  • Handling Web Table

  • Handling Drop Down elements

  • SwtichTo Command -Handling Frames, Popup Windows, Alerts

  • Brief about Ajax and how to handle Ajax with WebDriver


 Java JDBC:

  • JDBC –Introduction

  • Components of JDBC

  • Set JDBC with MYSQL Connector for Java Project

  • JDBC with MySQL

  • Introduction of Selenium Grid

  • Usage of Selenium Grid, executing the same test on different browsers

  • Introduction to Page Object Model



  • Introduction to Maven

  • Creating Test using TestNG

  • TestNG Annotations

  • Explanation of TestNg XML

  • Execution of TestNg Tests

  • Explanation of Testng Folder, and various result files

  • Parameterize TestNg Test – Data Provider

  • Capturing screen shots

  • Custom reporter 


Jenkins + Selenium:

  • Configure Java Project using Maven

  • Run Selenium Project

  • Configure TestNG Plugin

  • Review TestNG Reports

Who should go for this course?


This course is designed for individuals who have some software quaulity testing experience and wish to prepare as an automated software tester or Quality Assurance Analyst. 

Special notes: 

  • Hands-on Labs

  • Real life project work

  • Exam simulation + Quizzes will be provided

  • Support for Resume preparation

  • Support for Mock Interview

  • Support for Job Placement



Additional Materials:




QA Training Material:



For more info contact ITEXPS

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