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Mental and Emotional Support Services

We at IT Expert System Inc. are aware of how difficult IT education and training can be. We place a high priority on our students' well-being and recognize that success depends heavily on their mental and emotional well-being. As a result, we provide thorough psychological and emotional support services designed especially for IT professionals enrolled in our advanced system training and education courses. We are dedicated to promoting your overall health and provide the following services:
Counseling and Therapy:
Licensed counselors and therapists who specialize in treating the particular stressors and difficulties faced by IT professionals are available for consultation. To meet your needs and schedule, in-person or virtual sessions can be arranged.
Peer Support Groups:
We organize these groups so that people can talk to others going through similar things. These communities offer a secure setting for discussing difficulties, getting guidance, and supporting one another.


Balance Between Work and Life Workshops:

We host seminars and workshops to help people in the IT sector avoid burnout, manage stress, and strike a healthy work-life balance. These workshops offer doable tactics for handling workloads while preserving individual well-being.


Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques:

IT professionals can receive specialized training in mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation techniques. These techniques support general mental wellness by lowering stress and increasing focus.


24/7 Helpline:

During times of crisis or increased stress, call this private, 24/7 helpline for prompt assistance or advice.

Local Help service:

Kenneth Young Center ( Main Office )

1001 Rohlwing Road
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Fax: 847.524.8824 Ge
t Directions



Resource Library:

Within the IT industry, get access to a vast collection of resources on mental health, stress management, and emotional well-being, including books, podcasts, and articles.


Flexible Learning Arrangements:

We recognize that students may need some flexibility, so we provide options for rescheduled sessions or program breaks to meet personal needs or address mental health issues.


Friendly Environment:

Our teachers and staff are prepared to provide support and guidance when they see signs of distress because they have received the necessary training. We create a caring and understanding learning atmosphere to make sure each student feels important and understood.


Referral Network:

Links to outside mental health providers or specialized services outside our purview, guaranteeing that students have access to a larger support system in case they need it.


Ongoing Support:

We make sure that our graduates have access to resources and help as they navigate their careers by providing them with ongoing support even after the program has ended.


Your success at IT Expert System Inc. depends on your mental and emotional health. We are committed to offering a supportive environment that fosters your development as a well-rounded, healthy person in addition to an IT specialist.

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