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ITEXPS creates mobile apps across a range of platforms that are custom built to specifically meet your precise requirements. ITEXPS adapts to latest tools and technologies for developing interesting mobile app across various industry verticals. We build applications for companies of all sizes; small, medium, and large industries with our extensive experience in handling different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc.


Our team focuses towards developing world-class apps using proven methods. We deliver the projects on time at affordable pricing and impeccable quality. ITEXPS’s astute team of mobile app developers keeps its eyes open for the latest happenings in mobile apps world, which allows us to come up with innovative approaches while building any app; at the same time it also allows us to seamlessly and expertly adopt the use of the latest platforms for all our client projects. Our mobile app development services include developing apps for:















Windows Mobile
Windows mobile applications are strongly backed by the reliability of Microsoft and Windows Mobile operating system. ITEXPS has a team of expert and highly qualified Windows mobile application developers who are well-versed with the use of Windows Mobile Software Development Kits. Considering the fact that Windows power an unlimited range of smart phones these days, we feel greater responsibility while developing these applications. We focus on developing Windows mobile applications that appear to be familiar and easy to use for the users who have been using the platform for years on their desktops. At the same time, we wish to ensure that our clients are bestowed with applications that are productive and rewarding. Flexibility, compatibility and enhanced security are other aims of our services in the category.
Cross-platform Frameworks

Smartphones and tablets are all over the map and mobile apps. Using cross-platform technologies allows you to develop mobile applications for multiple platforms in a cost-effective manner. Also, these applications use HTML5 based technologies along with CSS and JavaScript, while providing a high level of integration with native device APIs. The look-and-feel that they provide is also very close to that of the native toolset. ITEXPS provides cross-platform solutions and develop cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android. This makes development on different mobile platforms more easily accessible to the developer and reduces maintenance costs.

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