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Office Administration

Time:  30+ Hours




Student should have desire to learn computer for office administration.


Course overview:


Office Administration course is designed for students who wants to manage office/business day-to-day operation using computer. The course covers a great deal of computer tools/technology so students feel confident to perform their work and be efficient in their role by using right tool for right jobs. Course is very hands-on students do not need to memorize the concepts, it would be naturally understood by practicing labs and homework.


Course Content:

     Introduction to Computer hardware/ Software

•     Computer Usages/ Advantage

•     Using an operating system
•     Common program functions
•     Word processing functions
•     Spreadsheet functions
•     Networks and the Internet
•     Electronic mail  -  Draft Email, Setup meeting, Email Formatting 
•     Using the Internet - Surfing Website, Searching , Bookmarking
•     Impact of computing and the Internet on society
•     Microsoft Word - Table, Chart, Letter, Document Formatting 
•     Microsoft Excel - Pivot table
•     Microsoft PowerPoint - Draft Impressive Slides content
•     MindMap for creating options thinking/brainstorming/workshop

•     Project Management: Scheduling, Communication, Stakeholder Management


 Special notes:


  • We support students for job placement

  • We support students for resume preparation and LinkedIn profile creation

  • We prepare students for interview

  • We provide student extra project work so they can build confidence

  • All software will be installed on student's machine

  • All materials/books will be provided

  • Our Instructors are Subject Matter Expert and bring Real Life Experience to classroom


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