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MS PowerPoint Module

Microsoft PowerPoint is world’s leading Desktop based presentation program that is used to create impressive professional presentations. MS PowerPoint makes it easy to create, collaborate on, and convey your ideas in dynamic, visually compelling presentations. 

Course Content

1. Introduction to PowerPoint

  • Getting Started with PowerPoint

    • Overview of PowerPoint interface

    • Creating and saving presentations

  • Slides and Layouts

    • Inserting, deleting, and rearranging slides

    • Choosing appropriate slide layouts

  • Adding and Formatting Text

    • Entering and editing text

    • Applying basic text formatting

2. Working with Images and Shapes

  • Inserting Images and Graphics

    • Adding images and clipart

    • Adjusting image properties

  • Shapes and Smart Art

    • Creating and customizing shapes

    • Working with Smart Art graphics

  • Slide Transitions

    • Applying slide transitions for smooth presentations

3. Mastering Slide Design

  • Themes and Templates

    • Applying themes to your presentation

    • Customizing templates

  • Design Tips and Best Practices

    • Choosing colors and fonts

    • Creating visually appealing slides

4. Adding Multimedia and Animation

  • Inserting Audio and Video

    • Embedding audio and video clips

    • Setting playback options

  • Animation and Slide Timing

    • Applying animations to objects

    • Timing and sequencing animations

5. Collaborating and Sharing

  • Collaborative Editing

    • Using PowerPoint in collaboration with others

    • Version history and comments

  • Sharing and Exporting

    • Saving in different formats (PDF, video, etc.)

    • Sharing options (One Drive, Share Point, email)

6. Advanced Features

  • Charts and Graphs

    • Creating and customizing charts

    • Visualizing data effectively

  • Custom Slide Shows

    • Creating custom slide shows for specific audiences

    • Hiding slides and custom navigation

7. Automation and Macros

  • Slide Masters

    • Working with slide master layouts

    • Applying consistent branding

  • Introduction to Macros

    • Recording and running simple macros

    • Streamlining repetitive tasks

8. Final Projects and Tips

  • Final Project - Create a Comprehensive Presentation

    • Apply all learned skills to create a complete presentation

  • Presentation Tips and Delivery

    • Effective presentation delivery techniques

    • Handling questions and feedback

  • Review and Q&A

    • Review course highlights

    • Addressing student questions and concerns

Course Assessment:

  • Weekly quizzes to assess understanding

  • Hands-on projects to apply knowledge

  • Project: Create a professional document showcasing various PowerPoint skills

Staffing Support​
  • Resume Preparation

  • Mock Interview Preparation

  • Phone Interview Preparation

  • Face to Face Interview Preparation

  • Project/Technology Preparation

  • Internship with internal project work

  • Externship with client project work

Our Salient Features:
  • Hands-on Labs and Homework

  • Group discussion and Case Study

  • Course Project work

  • Regular Quiz / Exam

  • Regular support beyond the classroom

  • Students can re-take the class at no cost

  • Dedicated conf. rooms for group project work

  • Live streaming for the remote students

  • Video recording capability to catch up the missed class

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