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Quality Assurance (QA)

Time:  ~80 Hours




Basic computer experience.


Course overview:


This course is designed to teach Software Testing and Quality Assurance in a hands-on manner and prepare the participants for a career in this field. The course will provide instruction and hands-on training for the students to feel confident and begin working in the industry as junior tester or QA Analyst. 


Course Content:


Software Quality Assurance and Testing Basics


  • What is Software Quality Assurance (SQA), SQA vs. Software Testing

  • The profession of SQA

  • Knowledge and skill areas for SQA and Testing

  • Prevention v/s Detection 

  • SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle

  • Patterns or Approaches of SDLC


Requirements Analysis and more about testing basics


  • What are software requirements

  • Types of software requirements

  • Analysis Techniques

  • Requirements Quality Analysis

  • STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle

  • Defect life cycle

  • Types of testing, black box, white box, sanity testing, regression testing


Test Planning & Documentation


  • Test plan

  • Test case

  • Traceability Matrix

  • Test Reports


Functional Testing


  • SQL Query Joins

  • Front end testing

  • UNIX testing and LINUX testing to validate servers and log files

  • Quality Center | HP ALM – application life cycle management tool to cover requirements, test plan, test case, defects and test lab, resources and dashboard module.

  • Security Testing

  • Web Service Testing using SOAPUI

  • SOAPUI Basics JSON, XML,SOAP,WSDL,Importing/Adding Projects


Backend Testing, Security Testing & Mobile Testing


  • SQL queries to validate database

  • Code review

  • Log Files review

  • Security Testing

  • Mobile Testing


Junit Maven & Report Generation


  • Introduction to JUnit

  • Introduction to Maven

  • Junit Maven Configuration

  • pom.xml


Load, Performance, Stress, Security, Mobile Testing

  • Analysis of load, performance and stress testing

  • Deep issues of performance

  • Performance testing tools using LoadRunner


Programming Introduction

  • Python

  • Java

  • Visual Basic

CI/CD [Continues Integration and Continues Deployment]

·         Jenkins Introduction

Agile Scrum Project Management

·         Scrum Practices

·         Scrum Team Role

·         Test Story Estimation

Who should go for this course?


This course is designed for individuals who have some basic computer experience and wish to prepare as a Software Tester or Quality Assurance Analyst. Related experience might include familiarity with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and using the Internet browsers.



Special notes: 


  • Exam simulation + Quizzes will be provided

  • Support for Resume preparation

  • Support for Mock Interview

  • Support for Job Placement



Additional Materials:




QA Training Material :



For more info contact ITEXPS

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