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Selenium Web Automation  Module

Course Overview

This course prepares learners for a career in software testing with web application test automation using Selenium. Students will learn selenium API and its components and use it to automate web applications. 

Course Content

1. Introduction to Selenium

  • 1.1. Introduction to Automation Testing

    • What is automation testing?

    • Advantages of automation testing

  • 1.2. Introduction to Selenium

    • History and evolution of Selenium

    • Selenium components (Selenium Web Driver, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid)

  • 1.3. Setting up the Selenium Environment

    • Installing Java Development Kit (JDK)

    • Installing Selenium Web Driver

    • Configuring Selenium Web Driver with different browsers

  • 1.4. Writing Your First Selenium Script

    • Creating a basic Selenium script

    • Locating and interacting with web elements

    • Running and debugging Selenium scripts

2. Selenium Web Driver Basics

  • 2.1. Web Elements and Locators

    • Understanding HTML elements

    • Locating elements using various locators (e.g., ID, name, X Path, CSS selectors)

  • 2.2. Handling Web Elements

    • Interacting with text fields, buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons

    • Working with dropdowns and select elements

    • Managing alerts and pop-ups

  • 2.3. Waits in Selenium

    • Implicit vs. Explicit waits

    • Handling synchronization issues

3. Advanced Selenium Web Driver Techniques

  • 3.1. Page Object Model (POM) Design Pattern

    • Introduction to POM

    • Implementing POM in Selenium

  • 3.2. Handling Frames and Windows

    • Switching between frames

    • Managing multiple browser windows and tabs

  • 3.3. Handling Cookies

    • Adding, deleting, and managing cookies

4. Test Automation Frameworks

  • 4.1. Introduction to Test NG

    • Installing and configuring Test NG

    • Writing and running Test NG test cases

  • 4.2. Data-Driven Testing

    • Parameterizing test cases using Test NG data providers

    • Reading test data from external sources (e.g., Excel, CSV)

  • 4.3. Test Automation Best Practices

    • Maintaining code quality

    • Handling exceptions and error handling

    • Reporting and logging

5. Selenium Grid and Advanced Topics

  • 5.1. Introduction to Selenium Grid

    • Setting up a Selenium Grid

    • Running tests in parallel on multiple browsers and machines

  • 5.2. Continuous Integration (CI) Integration

    • Integrating Selenium with popular CI tools (e.g., Jenkins, Travis CI)

  • 5.3. Automation for Mobile Web and Cross-Browser Testing

    • Overview of mobile web automation

    • Cross-browser testing strategies

  • 5.4. Final Project

    • Building a comprehensive test automation project


  • Weekly quizzes or assignments

  • Mid-term project

  • Final project presentation and test automation review.

Staffing Support​
  • Resume Preparation

  • Mock Interview Preparation

  • Phone Interview Preparation

  • Face to Face Interview Preparation

  • Project/Technology Preparation

  • Internship with internal project work

  • Externship with client project work

Our Salient Features:
  • Hands-on Labs and Homework

  • Group discussion and Case Study

  • Course Project work

  • Regular Quiz / Exam

  • Regular support beyond the classroom

  • Students can re-take the class at no cost

  • Dedicated conf. rooms for group project work

  • Live streaming for the remote students

  • Video recording capability to catch up the missed class

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