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UFT Test Automation Module

Course Overview

HP UFT is a very popular test automation tool that allows users to automate wide variety of test including GUI, Web and API application tests. Students will learn how to use this tool to automate tests. This course will help students to jump start their career in ever growing automation testing field.

Course Content
  • Web Test Automation Overview

  • Automation Test Life Cycle

  • Different Application types

  • Overview of Web Apps and HTML

  • Automate Web Application test cases using GUI scripts

  • Object Repositories

  • Object Identification techniques

  • Verification using Check Points

  • Parameterizing data using data tables

  • Introduction to programming using VBScript

  • Overview of Web Services

  • Types of Web services – SOAP and REST

  • Overview of Data types – XML, JSON

  • Automate Web Service test using API scripts

  • Project work

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