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Documents Required for H1B Visa
  1. Employment contract or Offer Letter;

  2. Copy of your Form I-94 and Visa stamp in your passport;

  3. Copy of your Form I-20 (both sides) and EAD, only if you are on a F-1 or F-2 status;

  4. Copy of ALL previous H-1 Approval Notice, and current pay-stub;

  5. Copies of experience letters, resume and state professional license (if applicable);

  6. Copies of ALL degrees (both front and back), certificates, diploma(s) and transcripts.

Provide Applicant's details:
  1. Family Name

  2. Given Name (First Name)

  3. Full Middle Name

  4. Employer

  5. Sponsor Email Address

  6. Home Phone

  7. Work Phone

  8. Cell Phone

  9. Email Address

  10. Date of Birth (Month, Date, Year)

  11. U.S. Social Security

  12. Alien #

  13. Country of Birth

  14. Province of Birth

  15. Country of Citizenship

  16. Date of Last Arrival in the U.S. (mm/dd/yyyy)

  17. I-94 # (Arrival/Departure Document)

  18. Current Nonimmigrant Status

  19. Date Status Expires (mm/dd/yyyy)

  20. Passport Number

  21. Date Passport Issued: (mm/dd/yyyy)

  22. Date Passport Expires (mm/dd/yyyy)

  23. Current U.S. Address

  24. Foreign Address

    Apt. #




    Zip Code

  25. U.S. Consulate closest to Person’s foreign address

  26. Does each person in this petition have a valid passport?

  27. Is any person in this petition in removal proceedings?

  28. Have you ever applied for a Permanent Residency Labor Certification Application?

  29. Have you ever filed an immigrant visa petition?

  30. Within the past seven years, has any person in this petition ever been given any H or L visa classification? If so, please provide the dates

  31. Within the past seven years, has any person in this petition ever been denied any H or L visa classification?

  32. List your prior periods of stay in H classification in the United States for the last six years. Be sure to list only those periods in which you were actually physically present in the United States in an H classification. If lengthy, please indicate that you will submit this information with your documents.

  33. Spouse and Dependents Information

    If you would like to file for an H-4 visa or would like to extend the H-4 status of your spouse and/or children, please complete the H-4 questionnaire listed in our website under the Questionnaires category. If the H-4 Questionnaire is not completed, our office will not be able to process the necessary paperwork to complete that application. It is the H-4 visa holder's responsibility to ensure that they are maintaining their status in the United States at all times.

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Visa Documents

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