Web Service Testing

Course Overview

This course will teach students Web Services concept and how to test Web Services using open source tools like SOAPUI and POSTMAN

Course Content
  • Web Service Testing:

  • Types of Web Services: SOAP and REST

  • Design and Develop Web Services

  • Service contract / payload approaches 

  • WSDL and WADL - introduction


  • Create Web Services testing using SOAP UI and Postman

  • BDD, Cucumber and Page Object Framework

  • BDD testing using Karate​

  • Mobile Testing:

  • Functional Testing

  • API Testing

  • Simulator Testing

  • Performance Testing ​

  • AWS EC2 Cloud Services:

  • Create Web Services

  • Test cloud Web Services using Karate, Postman​

  • Performance Testing​​

  • Define load test cases and scenarios 

  • Analysis of load, performance and stress testing

  • Deep issues of performance

  • Performance testing tools using SoapUI / Jmeter