Corporate Training Services


Even perfect technologies and processes lose value unless employees are prepared to deliver consistently and completely.  Employee training programs must address a client’s business objectives and solve business problems.


In ITEXPS, we have extensive experience building well-organized and actionable training programs for companies.  Whether you need training support for a major change effort, an employee development initiative, or just to enhance your current training programs, we know how to break down even the most complex ideas in ways that make them easy for people to understand.


ITEXPS Corporate Training Service:

  • Build custom content for your company in addition to our off-the-shelf courses.

  • We can help you train new hires and conduct specialized IT training.

  • Our training experts teach your training leaders how to transform employees so their success continues beyond the classroom.

ITEXPS Corporate Training services including:

  • Agile Scrum/ Kanban Training

  • Leadership Training

  • UFT Training

  • Selenium Training

  • Quality Automation

  • Big Data Training

  • ASP.NET MVC Training

  • Project Management Training

  • Lean Process Management
  • Micro Service Architecture

  • DevOps Training

  • Docker Training

  • Operation Optimization

  • Business Strategy Development

  • Product Valuation / Project Valuation

  • Proof Of Concepts

  • Application Architecture

  • EC2 / Cloud Computation 


Let us know - if you are looking for a specific technical/management training and will come up with the plan to support your needs.


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